Great Service!!!

My family contacted Schaub’s Insulation to insulate our house.  We had absolutely none in any of our walls and the winters were so cold in our house.  The draft was unbearable at times.  After Jeff and his crew came, I was amazed at the difference it made.  My home just felt more quiet.  In the summer, we were able to keep the house cooler and in the fall/winter we were able to keep the house warm so we could turn the furnace on later in the year than times before.  They are very reasonable in price and I have referred him to others because of his excellent service and professionalism.  Thanks again!

Lisa B., Norton Shores, MI.  (posted March 7, 2013)

Cost Savings!!!

            I just finished the financial reports for our monthly board meeting in the morning.  The annual expense comparison since Jan 1st shows that we have spent $1,191.80 less than the same time period in 2012 on propane.  They filled our propane tanks on April 4th.  Your insulating work and Rod’s work has just saved us $1,191.80 over last year, and if you recall last year was much warmer than this year.  That is a huge savings!  Thank you for all your excellent efforts.  Feel free to use me for a reference on any big jobs you may bid on.
John Martin
Treasurer/Sullivan Community Church
Ravenna, Michigan
Posted April 11, 2013

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