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PINK Fiber Glass Loosefill Insulation

Loosefill insulation, also called “blown-in” insulation, is made of virgin PINK fiber glass insulation. It’s used in new construction and in older existing homes, typically in hard-to-reach areas. Since fiber glass insulation is non-combustible and non-corrosive by nature, PINK fiber glass loosefill insulation offers significant advantages over other loosefill insulation products:

  • It will not settle or lose its energy-saving abilities over time.
  • It does not require the addition of fire-retardant chemicals that can promote corrosion of pipes or wires.
  • It will not rot or decay, support fungus or mold growth, or provide sustenance for insects or vermin.

PROPINK Complete® Blown-In Wall System

Owens Corning PROPINK Complete® Blown-in Wall System is designed for all enclosed cavities— including walls and ceilings. This product will not settle, rot or decay, enabling a consistent R-value from the moment it’s installed. PROPINK Complete® insulation fits the form of any cavity, providing complete compression- and gap-free coverage. Offering R-values up to R-15 in 2×4 construction and R-23 in 2×6 construction, the Complete system includes PROPINK Complete® loosefill insulation, PROPINK Complete® non-woven fabric, application instructions and technical support.
Because PROPINK Complete® is a dry system, it does not use water or adhesives; therefore it does not add moisture to the wall or ceiling cavity. PROPINK Complete® fabric is used to hold the loosefill in place.

Applications R-value Thickness W x L
2×4 construction up to R-15
2×6 construction up to R-23
2×8 construction up to R-31
2×10 construction up to R-39
2×12 construction up to R-47

PROPINK FastBatt™ Fiber Glass Insulation

  • Unfaced
  • Kraft-Faced
  • Foil-Faced
  • For roof/ceiling and interior/exterior wall applications; installed in wood or metal framing cavities or between furring channels.
  • Flexible fiber glass insulation 3/2” to 12” thick available unfaced, foil-faced or kraft-faced.


  • Sized for metal or wood framing; can be stapled or friction-fit. Easy to handle and install. Trim and fabricate with a utility knife.
  • Meets thermal specifications.
  • Improves interi~r noise control.
  • Inorganic. Non—corrosive to steel, aluminum or copper.
  • Dimensionally stable and will not decay or slump in the cavity.
  • SpaceSaver packaging reduces freight and streamlines handling.


  • In commercial roof/ ceiling thermal applications, the building envelope must block air movement.  Do not rely on the insulation or facing to provide an air barrier.
  • Adding insuIation inside a structure’s perimeter exposes the outside area to temperature extremes.
  • Equip curtainwall buildings with sprinkler systems for fire protection as required by building codes.
  • Luminaire performance may be affected by closely-placed insulation. The National Electric Code requires: Unless fixtures are approved for such use, do not install insulation on top of or within 3” of recessed light fixtures.
  • Evaluate the use of vapor retarders based on the project’s unique requirements. Maintain facing integrity for vapor retarder performance.


  • Surface burning characteristics comply with ASTM E 84, a standard used to measure and describe properties of products in response to heat and flame under laboratory conditions. The results are not intended to reflect hazards presented under actual fire conditions. Base material is classified as non combustible when tested per ASTM E 136.
  • Click here to see tables for data and other applicable standards.

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