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EMEGA Biopolymers
Soy Based Spray Foam Insulation

EMEGA Biopolymers Soy Based Foam Insulation Gives You a CHOICE!!!!!

Choose Environmentally Friendly petroleum-free EMEGA Biopolymers’ soy based foam insulation is applied by spraying and pouring in place..

EMEGA Biopolymers Soy-based Foam Insulation is manufactured from renewable American grown soy beans and recyclable resources. Among its best features is that it expands to 100 times its volume to completely fill every space and void creating a barrier and thermal seal. The EMEGA Biopolymers thermal seal keeps your heating and cooling costs low. The barrier keeps pollutants out of your home and greatly reduces noise pollution.

As an inert substance EMEGA Biopolymer Soy-Based Foam Insulation retains its structural integrity for the life of your home. It is not effected by moisture, mold, insects or rodents.

EMEGA Biopolymers Soy Based Foam Insulation – 4 Types

Highest Percentage of Renewable Resource Ingredients in the Industry with 60% on the “B” side

Reduces Demand and Dependence on Non-renewable Resources

Produces High Performance Buildings with Better or Comparable Physical Characteristics of its petroleum based counterparts.

Benefits of EMEGA Biopolymers Soy-Based Insulation Spray or Pour In Place Application Cutting Edge High Performance

  • No VOC’s nor does it contain urea or ozone-depleting CFS’s or HCFC’s
  • R-value holds stable over time
  • Has Class 1 fire rating
  • Is water blown
  • Stays firmly in place, will not settle
  • Meets govenment requirements for using renewable resources
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Helps prevent mold and fungi growth by controlling moisture and condensation
  • Helps prevent drafts and cold spots
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