PolyMaster R-501

Block Fill Foam

Vastly superior to traditional urea-formaldehyde foams, PolyMaster foamed-in-place products have a decades-long track record of proven success. Success that’s based upon our products working hard for our customers. Autozone, WAL-MART, CVS, Lowe’s, and Babies R Us, just for starters.

PolyMaster foam products are consistently the superior performers in every critical category, and in virtually every application. Non-toxic, odor-free, with no CFC’s. Installing cleanly and quickly, without
disrupting other site work. Absolutely unique in the world marketplace.

Undeniable, indisputable results tell the true story. PolyMaster has no equal. And that’s no lie.


PolyMaster R-501 is the ideal insulation for concrete block. By top fill, side fill, or “pressure fill.” It can be installed in 10-foot to 16-foot lifts during construction. Blocks are easily filled in either running or stacked configurations. Pressure-fill applications require only 5/8″ holes drilled directly into masonry. Pre-expanded PolyMaster foam flows into and fills cavities, up to 12 feet vertically from the insertion hole. Pressure filling generates a complete fill of the core and head joints, since the foam moves
unrestricted throughout the block wall.


PolyMaster R-501 is  pre-expanded.
• Benefit – little or no risk of cavity stress.

PolyMaster R-501 yields exceptional R-values.
Benefit – better comfort and energy savings. Reliable HVAC design specifications

PolyMaster R-501 has less moisture than other foams.
Benefit – less likely to produce “wet wall.”

PolyMaster R-501 is dry when shipped.
Benefits – one-year shelf life, product always fresh

PolyMaster R-501 is a globally green product with no CFC’s.
Benefits – biodegradable, dermatologically safe, acceptable worldwide.

PolyMaster R-501 is an aminoplast, tri-polymer, kiln-dried resin.
Benefits – odorless, lowest shrinkage rate in the industry.

PolyMaster R-501 is a third-generation product.
Benefit – 20 years of proven performance and product improvements ensure remarkable

PolyMaster R-501’s adaptability and reliability ensure quick, clean installation.
Benefits – cost effective, minimal site disruption.



PolyMaster R-501 latex foam is the world’s best-performing thermal insulation. Among its many positive attributes is an exceptional R-value, generated by the unique PolyMaster chemistry.

Success Story – A new $9 million Missouri ice skating rink challenged the builder to create a masonry and ribbed-steel panelled structure with R-20 insulation values for economical operation. He chose PolyMaster R-501 for its compatibility with unlike materials, R-values, and fast, easy installation that wouldn’t slow down the project. PolyMaster performed perfectly.


PolyMaster R-501 latex foam has excellent sound-deadening qualities, filling the tiniest voids in concrete block. PolyMaster’s Sound Transmission Classification (STC) is 52, similar to that of sand.

Success Story – A large outdoor pump created a sound pollution problem for a Tennessee company. A freestanding wall of 8-inch block was erected in front of the pump, and the wall was filled with PolyMaster R-501 in an hour and a half. Problem solved.


PolyMaster R-501 latex foam contains no pesticides and therefore can not kill insects or repel them chemically. But our foam’s composition tends to keep them from gaining entry through PolyMaster-insulated areas.

Success Story – The owner of several large chicken houses needed to maintain the perfect temperature for his egg-laying hens, while eliminating the beetles that were thriving by eating the walls. PolyMaster R-501 was installed from the top of the structures. Both problems were solved efficiently, cleanly and economically.


PolyMaster R-501 latex foam completely fills cavities between double walls, fascia walls, or internal/external cosmetic walls, producing perfect seals around fittings, conduit, fixtures, and pipe chases, while still allowing the wall to weep as constructed. PolyMaster delivers R-values comparable to or higher than rigid board insulation, without environmental damage. When added to the block and wythe cavity of an 8-1-1.4 CMU wall, PolyMaster R-501 yields an R-value of 22. It’s also flame resistant and meets Class 1 fire ratings. (PolyMaster recommends damp-proofing the block as a matter of course.)


PolyMaster latex foams are in compliance with regulations around the globe. Non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable, PolyMaster is earth-friendly and environmentally green.


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